4 Signs You Need A/C Service

The air conditioner works hard to keep you cool when the Greensboro heat is at its hottest, but all that cooling can take its toll on the many components inside the unit, causing it to malfunction or stop working altogether. Calling a professional greensboro heating and air company at the first sign of trouble is the best way to minimize problems and get back the cool air that you deserve. Here are four signs indicating your unit is on the brinks and in need of A/C service.

1- Your Home Isn’t Cool

The most obvious sign of trouble is a unit that isn’t keeping your home cool properly. Perhaps it is cooling one or two rooms, but not others. Or maybe it isn’t cooling anywhere in the home. Either way, call a pro for service in this instance.

2- Loud Noises

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If your A/C is making strange noises, it is important that an expert evaluate the unit at once. Noises and knocking aren’t normal behaviors and should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible.

3- Energy Costs

Are your energy bills increasing by the month but circumstance in the home haven’t changed? This is a big indicator that something is wrong with the A/C unit. The sooner you make the call to the pros, the sooner you can get your cooling costs back down to normal rates.

4- Leaks

Along with those strange noises, leaks are unusual and of concern when coming out of the air conditioning unit. If you notice puddles of water building around the unit, there is probably something going on inside that needs addressed as soon as possible.

If you notice these problems with the A/C, make sure you call for professional service sooner rather than later. Do not swelter and suffer when there are professionals there to help.